Frequently Asked Questions

Rexton Moving

What Types of Moving Services Do You Provide?

At Rexton Moving & Storage, we provide local moving services ,long distance moving services, packing & unpacking services, and Junk Removal as well. 

What Do Your Packing Services Entail?

When you are ready to move, Rexton will provide all the necessary packing materials such as packing tape to furniture blankets and more. We know that this is your home we are moving and we will make sure that your belongings arrive safely to its next destination. 

Why Do I Need To Hire a Professional Moving Company

No matter how much you prepare for your move, moving can be time-consuming, costly and a headache and backache for most homeowners. We provide professional moving services to provide you with packing materials, safe and proficient transportation and make the move a little less stressful for you.

What Areas Do You Serve?

We are located in Newton, MA but do provide long-distance moving services as well. Wherever you need to go, we are right there with you! 

Interested In Our Services?

We love moving you!